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We create Free To Play Anime and Retro Style Games.

Please, enjoy our Games like
we enjoy our work, cause passion move us.

Be ready for new Free Online Games,
available in future also for Android.

Who We Are

Team Members

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I'm an apprentice of Video Game Development in Game Maker, I have a master in Mixing and Mastering of Sound, 2 certificates in the use of Ableton. Pixel artist, also Animation and Sound Design student.

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Aspiring Artist, Animator, and Musician with a strong passion for the arts.

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A student, intermediate level at most solo dev skills. My best skills are Programming and Art, my dream is to be able to work on projects for the years to come. I also like Synthesizers.

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Student Illustrator, Concept Artist and Designer for few Video Games and other Promotional Art. Currently working on illustrating Comics, Animations, and working on Designs for several characters for a couple of Video Games and working on several commissions. Working to expand into more Environmental Artwork.

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Pixel artist. On the way making his hobby to full-time job. Likes frogs.

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Luiz Alves

Software and Apps developer by day, Game Developer by night using Game Maker to make fun Cross Platform Games.

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With limited time & money I fund and develop Indie Games. My best skill is Game Design, the best feeling I get is to play a finished Game and my dream is to work at full time.

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Chiptune Composer, mostly of the FM variety! Working on expanding into other sounds.

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Realm of Mind

Music Composer. I make various different genres varying from Jazz, Metal and Videogame Music.

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