• May 17, 2020

This was the first time that we had proper Project Management while we worked to develop a game. Along the Game Development process, we just needed to polish some issues, but everything turned out as it was planned.

This is our first game that aimed for a certain niche that was planned from the beginning, female teenagers.

Game Design

The Game Design aimed for a short story with very few graphics. Noisechip designed the game this way before we began to write the script.

We wanted to do something different with this project, mostly aiming for a new genre that we had not done before in previous projects. It is not a common story about love, but this was intentional, to make the player feel something different based in an interesting plot.

We maintained the same structure in terms of the user interface that we used in previous projects. It really works as a simple way to design the way the player interacts with the game.

Our script, was it good enough?

Script Writing & Proofreading

The main character is a young girl that talks with an older man via an online chat service. She is in love with him because he is so different from other men, but she can't understand why he is not interested in her.

Noisechip did the Script Writing. The story and the dialogue were done easily. A lot of feelings about what happens to us when we get older and personal experiences were applied to the story. He also tried to think like a young girl to design the plot. The female players will be the ones that will decide if that worked or not.

DatBoiBryan did the Script Proofreading again, a really nice job.

Graphic & Advertising Design

Alber02222 was in charge of the Graphic Design. He and Noisechip picked a color palette from the internet. Again we set the resolution to 256x144 with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Alber02222 worked with reference material that the Game Designer collected for the different scenes. The result came out really cool this way.

The color palette is mostly blue and green tones, our choice was a success when taking a look at the result. The Graphic Designer did great work designing the characters and the scenes, he and Noisechip discussed about a lot of details. Overall they did a nice job.

IsoChi did again the Advertising Design, based in a scene of the game. This was her best work done so far, a lot of effort was put on it.

Did the Music Producer did a good job?



Advertising Design

Advertising Design with Logos

Music Production & Mastering

Realm Of Mind was in charge of the music, he created a great Ost. Different music styles were used to create the songs of the game. This time we didn't used any Sound Effects, it was a decision made by the Game Designer. The work of the Music Producer was really good, the result was awesome. He also did the Music Mastering himself.

Each song was designed for a certain part of the game, they all worked well the way were designed.


Noisechip coded the game, it was an easy task because we use mostly the same structure in all our games. The Html5 and Android versions of the game were done.

Distance Of Love Developers


Script Writing, Game Design & Programming


Graphic Design

Realm Of Mind

Music Production & Mastering


Script Proofreading


Advertising Design