• Mar 26, 2020

It was the time to do a step forward, trying to accomplish new goals and work better while developing a Visual Novel. No Help No Hope was the result of this process. A lot of things changed on the way to plan and direct the development of this game taking our previous works as reference.

We worked better this time, but was it everything ok?

Game Design

Everything was done having a small budget in mind, the way to design the game was focused into the Graphic Design elements needed to create a full game.

Noisechip designed the game at the same time he was writing the script. The main point was the small amount of backgrounds needed, also the rest of the sprites for the character. An interesting story was developed this way, a young man lost in space, alone in his broken space ship trying to survive and get help from otside.

Like some japanese Visual Novels the face of the character is not shown to let the player recognize himself as the main character.

This time we set deadlines and a list of all the files needed to develop the game, it was amazing to feel that we were working really well on this game. The reality is that we worked better but some things were not going as we planned. Anyway it was a really cool work of the Team, this game was the basement for every new project we worked on.

It was our first really good script, let's take a look in deep...

Script Writing & Proofreading

Like in the Japanese Animation, everything is explained in a few minutes, the player is able to understand what happens and what are the problems of the character. To talk using the radio with other people is the only way to survive and try to get help. A strange voice appear, after that a disease but the character will not lose hope.

The Script Writing lead us to a Kinetic Novel experience with a little choice in the middle of the game and one nice surprise at the end. A minigame will result in the good or bad ending, a cool way to increase the tension and make the player be inmerse in this cool scifi story with aesthetics that emulate the oldschool anime series of the 80's.

DatBoiBryan worked in the Script Proofreading, one more time a great work done by him.

Graphic & Advertising Design

It was the first time Alber02222 worked in the Team, a really cool work he did polishing every aspect of the graphic design. We chose again a palette from the net, also we used the same resolution and aspect ratio of our previous Visual Novels featuring pixel art ( 256x144 - 16:9 aspect ratio ). The great difference in this project is that everything was planned from the beginning with a list of every aspect needed for the work in the graphics.

The truth is that while he worked in the graphics we faced some problems in the planning of the graphics needed, but we were able to accomplish the tasks needed and everything turned in a really good way.

Noisechip did a draft of the minigame at the end of the game and Alber02222 used it as referece for the final graphics, he was the one developing all the Graphic Design. The aesthetic used was a success, it was really impresive how it seems that you are transported to the 80's when playing this game.

IsoChi was in charge of the Advertising Design, she did an awesome work based in the reference material that Noisechip collected.

The music was really awesome, let's know about...



Advertising Design

Advertising Design with Logos

Music Production & Mastering

Rayjkayj was working in some projects at the time, he is a really talented Music Producer and his work for this game is really awesome. The atmosphere created was a success and the small details of the Ost are a pleasure to the ears. He produced 4 songs and 3 sound effects.

The Mastering was done by Noisechip, a lot of different versions were created since it was hard for him to do the final touch to the raw files. Alber02222 helped into the process giving feedback that helped a lot to create a better final work.

The songs are designed to be played in certain parts of the game, a nice structure we used for this issue resulted in an atmospheric feeling while playing the game. We did it well into this aspect.


The game was easy to code, the different point for this game was the minigame but it was no complex at all to code this part. The Html5 and Android versions of the game were done with no problems.

No Help No Hope Developers


Script Writing, Game Design, Audio Mastering & Programming


Graphic Design


Music & Sound Effects Production


Script Proofreading


Advertising Design