• Mar 24, 2019

Akacrayon was a success in terms of the small amount time needed to develop the game. For this project we followed the same path to have a finished product with only a few days of effort. It took only four days to develop Punal The Adventure with some additional time to create the Android version and proofread the script.

The concept was simple, but was the game good enough?

Game Design

A little female whale is looking for her mother in the vast ocean, what would happen when she finds other characters? Can the player believe them? This is the concept we had in mind, a way to make decisions as we advance through the story while meeting other characters.

The Game Design let the player be the buddy of the main character helping make the correct decisions to keep her alive. We wanted to have an understandable structure for the menus and the choices. The user-friendly focused designs are our goal in order to reach the players with less experience that need a simple user interface to play the game.

Some players loved the game, others thought that the game was more suited for children. Was the script designed this way?

Script Writing & Proofreading

The script is based on a Graphic Design test for a Visual Novel, it was done some time before the start of development. It evolved into a game because Noisechip used this old image and the concept of a lost little whale looking for his mother, which was the main plot for the script.

The Script Writing was based in the characters that the little whale met along her journey. The decision to believe or not in the characters was too obvious, this point is where the game turned into a product for children instead of a more mature story.

DatBoiBryan did his first run in Script Proofreading for the Team to test the skills of various developers, his great work in this game lead him the chance of work in more games including Covox Park and Akacrayon, our two previous published games.

Graphic & Advertising Design

The first Graphic Design test was done with a selected color palette from the net, the Character Design of the main character done and having chosen a resolution ( 256x144 ) and an aspect ratio ( 16:9 ), everything became easy to develop the graphics of the game. OareasO, a Graphic Designer on the Team helped with feedback about these designs and it helped a lot.

The graphics were designed in a simple way, with the goal of developing the game faster in mind. Once more we decided that the important point was the story and having the game completed as soon as we could. The graphics and the script were done at the same time, a non-common way to work but it was a good choice taking a look at the result.

IsoChi was working as Graphic Designer at the time on the game Sea Friends and because of her nice work and talent she was selected to be in charge of the Advertising Design.

Was the music good enough for this game? Noisechip was happy about the work, let's take a look in deep...



Advertising Design

Advertising Design with Logos

Music Production & Mastering

The 16-bit version of PixiTracker was used to produce the Ost, like in Covox Park. Noisechip was in charge of the Music Production and Mastering. As the Game Designer he decided that no sound effects were needed. It's the first Ost that Noisechip was really happy about, each track creates the feeling that it was planned. The in-game song is really cool and creates a nice atmosphere in the game.

The Mastering was done using Renoise. Shiftypixlz helped a lot to explain how this process needed to be done. It was a good job that made even better the Ost.

All the tracks were played as a loop except the title screen song, this decision increased the value of the music for the game. We got good comments from players about the music, so we did a good job and we need to be proud of it.


The code has the same structure as our previous games. It was pretty easy to code the game using Game Maker Studio 2. We created an Html5 and Android version, as it was planned.

Punal The Adventure Developers


Script Writing, Game Design, Graphic Design, Music Production, Music Mastering & Programming


Script Proofreading


Advertising Design