• Mar 23, 2020

This was our first project using digital art instead of pixel art, it was our first step into a more commercial work for the general public. It has beautiful graphics instead of the retro aesthetics that we used in our previous games. This project made us realize that we can create better projects more suited for the Visual Novel market.

The game is good, but was it easy to develop it?

Game Design

The first step in developing the game was done while the Team was really active but did not have a clear plan for the next steps. Everything started when Noisechip contacted Studio Pathalo looking for a Graphic Designer and he found an interesting image of a girl in a boat with her friend, a dolphin, in the sea.

Most of the Game Design was set based on the script. An interesting point were the transitions between scenes and the adding a watermelon character in the User Interface to let the player know when they can move to the next scene. The game was developed in two different resolutions, full HD for desktop machines, as well a lower resolution for mobile devices. We chose to reduce the size of the game's file for mobile while aiming for a higher quality on PC.

We wanted to create a cute story, but did the script reach this goal?

Script Writing & Proofreading

The script is a simple and cute story suited for children, but it can be a nice experience for everyone. At the time Noisechip was really active in the Team managing the work, directing the development of various games but also as writer. All that work helped the development of the script and it was written like something natural, like it needed to be the way it is with no much effort into the creative process.

The Script Writing had a short game in mind to reduce the budget for the project but it turned into a game with a lot of good graphics. At the time Noisechip didn't have experience in managing budget for projects. However, we produced a bigger game with the same amount of effort put in.

DatBoiBryan was in charge of the Script Proofreading, IsoChi did the first run in this process and helped a lot.

Graphic & Advertising Design

Studio Pathalo created the Color Palette while IsoChi was drawing the first designs for the characters. After feedback by Noisechip as the Game Designer we decided to put more effort in the characters than into the backgrounds. The next phase was done by IsoChi who created the scenes with free will as Story Board and Graphic Designer.

The result of this process surprised everyone on the Team, the game was looking far better than expected. Every aspect of the graphics was really polished and looks really good. We were proud of our work, the end result is awesome.

For the Advertising Design we used a scene of the game. Let's see what happened with the music...

Reference Image ( By Studio Pathalo )

Character Design ( By IsoChi )



Advertising Design

Advertising Design with Logos

Digital Coloring by IsoChi

Music Production & Mastering

Lucia Acosta was in charge of the Music Composition and Production, she is a relly talented musician and piano player. Everyone gave feedback in the process of creating the two songs of the soundtrack. That helped Lucia use previous compositions as the base for these songs and improve on them. The music really increases the cute feeling that the game gives to the player.

The Mastering was done using Renoise, Noisechip was in charge of this task and the result was really good, he really focused on this process since the raw files had a good quality, so he wanted to be proud of the result.


Coding the game was easy. A small part of code in Game Maker Studio 2 let us create a cool fade effect to do the transitions between the scenes. The Html5 and Android version were done with no problems.

Sea Friends Developers


Script Writing, Game Design, Music Mastering & Programming

Studio Pathalo

Color Design & Concept Art


Concept Art, Storyboard Design, Character Design, Graphic Design & Advertising Design

Lucia Acosta

Music Composition & Production


Script Proofreading