• Mar 29, 2020

This Visual Novel was done after finish No Help No Hope, our Team did better the development this time. Almost everything turned the way we planned in terms of the Project Management.

This time we created a story that can damage the ones with kind heart.

Game Design

One more time everything was planned thinking about a low budget for the graphics, the game has only 4 backgrounds, 3 sprites and one image for the ending.

Noisechip designed the game before writing the script, this time everything was planned better and we did just a few errors that were easy to solve.

Suicide is not an easy theme to create a videogame, even with a happy ending while the player plays the game he can get some depressing thoughs and feelings.

A non common game because of the script is what we created, the aesthetics are superb to support the theme and the script. It's a really interesting product what we developed.

Our second script well designed was good enought?

Script Writing & Proofreading

The main character shares his thoughs and feelings with us, we can see what the character is looking at. We see how people go to the cliff to commit suicide, seems that the main character has no hurry to die.

The Script Writing was done by Noisechip, it's a Visual Novel with a choice at the end of the game. Mostly a Kinetic Novel that go throught the story in a linear way, this was a good choice because of the feeling the player get when he finish the game. The player can decide what the character will do after the story is told, really interesting decision is made.

DatBoiBryan did the Script Proofreading, a really polished work also this time.

Graphic & Advertising Design

Alber02222 worked in his second game for the Team, he and Noisechip take their time to decide for a color palette because the way the backgrounds are designed made the colors a lot of important. Note that the background of the cliff is the same, but with different colors we can see how the day goes by. One more time we set the resolution to 256x144 with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The transition between the different backgrounds is a simple effect but it works perfectly.

This time we failed in two small issues, the color design of the fonts for a girl character and the mouse pointer design. We solved these two details with no problems.

Noisechip and Alber02222 worked close to discuss about the Graphic Design of the game, a lot of feedback was done.

IsoChi was in charge of the Advertising Design, she did all the composition and graphics based on the idea of Noisechip.

A new Music Producer worked for the first time on the Team, did he worked well?



Advertising Design

Advertising Design with Logos

Music Production & Mastering

PolygonCove created an awesome Ost. The tracks inspire a lot of deep feelings, really match the rest of the game. Also the Sound Effects were so well designed. He did an awesome work, it's a really important part of this game.

The Mastering was done by Shiftypixlz, if we had a great Raw files the result was a step ahead in quality. This Ost is an example of what can do the developers with talent.

The songs are designed for each part of the game. There is one for the title screen, the in-game part, the ending and the credits. No more songs were planned in the Game Design.


It was so interesting for Noisechip to code the transitions of the backgrounds, he was impressed with the result when testing the code. The game was again easy to code, the Html5 and Android versions of the game were correctly done.

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Script Writing, Game Design & Programming


Graphic Design


Music & Sound Effects Production


Audio Mastering


Script Proofreading


Advertising Design